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Are you prepared for the Holiday Season?

We can't get enough of the holiday spirit! Unfortunately, the holiday season is the most dangerous time of the year. Just a few ways to make sure you and your home are prepared and safe this holiday season: -Always have someone around when using a ladder. -Clean out the dryer vents both in the dryer and leading outdoors to prevent fires. -Never leave candles, appliances, or the fireplace on while sleeping or away from home. -Disconnect water hoses and sprinklers from spigots so they don't freeze as it gets cold. -Report any issues of standing water and leaking water in and around your home. -Remove debris close to the home and around walkways. -Check for pests or nests before moving any plants indoors. -Check the batteries in all smoke alarms and CO2 Detectors. -Change the AC filter (who doesn't love cleaner air?!) This is the perfect time to perform an annual check your Renter's Insurance coverage. It's always better to make sure you are covered rather than wish you were after an emergency. Click the link below for a great list of tips! read more...