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Why Landlords Hire Us


Neighborhood Realty Management (NRM) property managers assist homeowners in preserving and increasing the value of their real estate investments. They manage the day-to-day financial operations of the property, including finding and placing qualified tenants, and they ensure the property is in good working order.

NRM keeps properties occupied with qualified tenants through advertising, lead follow up and property showings for prospective tenants.

NRM develops rental agreements, selects qualified tenants, collects deposits and rents, enforces terms of rental agreements, resolves tenant complaints, oversees eviction proceedings if necessary.

NRM schedules maintenance and repairs, negotiates contracts with vendors, regularly inspects property to ensure it is in good working order, quickly resolves emergency maintenance issues.

NRM keeps financial records from property operations, creates monthly financial reports for property owner.

NRM keeps open dialogue with property owner on vacancies, tenants, physical condition of property and financial issues.